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Project Description
Simple Magazine application for publishing articles by category for use with medium sized websites

This project is based on TheBeerHouse starter kit. Additional features:
  • Seperated modules for news articles, webshop, forum and newsletters
  • Logic in seperate assembly
  • ASP.NET 2.0 provider based design
  • Configuration section for the web.config
  • Run multiple applications from a single database
  • Suitable for use with different cultures using resource files (incomplete for now)
  • Suitable for RSS syndication

Future plans
The intention is to enhance the project with more features:
  • Bring out editions of your magazine, to be processed and published as a complete edition
  • Different levels of editor control from themes and basic article outline to textual error corrections
  • Send mailings to suscribers (abstract of an edition or hot news)
  • Article rating different levels of comments

At this moment the first preview version of XZ Magazine is available. Source control will be added later. Please, feel free to comment on my projects.

Hugo Scheepens

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